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John Lawrence

Musician, Producer and Engineer. Recording Studio, and Sound System

Capel Curig, Conwy, North Wales.

Narcissus Paradox

John Lawrence's brand new album out Now! Available on all digital platforms, and on  CD direct from Lawrence Music using the 'buy it now' button below

Blank Canvas
Cruel Cupid
Calm Resolve
Without Woman

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Cruel Cupid

The third video from the new album 'Narcissus Paradox' Cruel Cupid describes a torturous relationship, Where Cupid fires his arrow at a love that can never truly be realised. However it turns out to be fake anyway.

Calm Resolve

The first song from a new album, Calm Resolve reinvents the musical wheel, from the end of an emotional line, as life disintegrates around you. Letting go of false and harmful props to be born again with a newfound sense of self belief and strengh. Choral, brass and a death jazz fusion feel. John dismantles conventional musical form, reconstructing it in the most imaginative, genius and original way to create a musical firework display unlike anything else ever written.

The video comprises a 2 mile flight down the Dyffryn Mymbyr valley, From Plas Y Brenin, Capel Curig, over the twin lakes towards a snowcapped Yr Wyddfa, Snowdon. Also a flight over Llyn Marchlyn mawr to the peak of Elidir fawr, one of Snowdonia's tallest mountains.


Having aquired a nice accordion in the summer of 2018, John decided to dive straight in and build a song based on this fabulous instrument of great melodic and percussive depth. Cheeky, quirky and iconic, this up-beat and playful piece combines styles and genres imaginatively. The video comprises some very skillful flights following some of Snowdonias most epic scrambling and walking routes, including flights from Cwm Bochlwyd up the famous and frightening Bristly Ridge, to the summit of Glyder Fach, revealing a magnificent view of the Snowdon horseshoe, and some tight and low flying up Tryfan's notorious North Ridge, during the deep red evening light of the summers heatwave.

Without Woman

New Jazz Blues death ballad single, 


John Lawrence's latest single handedly created jazz fusion music video. Drone footage over a frozen Llyn Ogwen, Snowdonia. Filmed with DJI phantom 3 standard. 


A psychedelic jazz rock journey through the skies of  Snowdonia, continuing and developing the drone piloting skills, in the ever changing light of early spring.  

Cold Rumba

Epic latin jazz masterpiece, with aerial footage of snowdonia. Featuring a huge brass and woodwind section. The epitome of John's single handed production skills. No aircraft were harmed during the making of this film.


Big Jazz,  sticking to the theme of having no extra personnel, John operates  the camera movement with a clever home made neck operated camera slider.


Hot off the press! The 5th video in the series, is an acrobatic sax fest in a wetsuit. Prog, Jazz and metal fusionon on trapeze!


Having aquired many orchestral instruments on ebay over the winter, John puts them into action here, fusing Jazz with Death Metal to create this feel good masterpiece 'Turds!'

Vulture Of Foregone Delusion

A clone band of John Lawrences, playing a whacky fusion of death metal classic rock and jazz, Exploring the dystopian reality of modern corporate driven politics .. Mad? Genius? or both? You decide.....

The River

Released 09/09/2016. Entirely self produced and performed, this jazz rock song showcases John's talents as a multi instrumentalist, writer and producer.

Insectoid Shopping Spree

The first in the new series, Insectoid shopping spree is the result of a long winter spent with a begged and borrowed drum kit.. A forward progression following the album, Songs from the precipce, John explores the infinite possibilities of Jazz rock.  

Songs From The Precipce

CD Album / Download. Released  07 September 2015

Organic, original and timeless, SFTP shifts through many genres seamlessly, Classic rock, high octane country, psychedelia, jazz, folk. An intense, eclectic, yet finely focused masterpiece. Available from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Cdbaby, or direct from Lawrence Music, using the paypal button below.

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“Lawrence emerges as a 21st Century troubadour of the highest calibre”; “Former Gorky’s guitarist scales dizzy heights of semi-acoustic excellence.” 


Mojo Magazine

"Lawrence inhabits a stylistic spectrum that has jazz man Stanley Jordan at one end, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi at the other with John Martyn in the middle.” 


Sunday Telegraph

"Stylistically it’s like a lost, vintage CSNY album, with aching pedal steel, dense acoustic guitars and heart-rending, uplifting vocals and harmonies. “Rainy Night” conveys the atmosphere of living in one of the wettest areas of the British Isles,"


John Lawrence, a founding member of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, with four critically acclaimed solo albums under his belt, is also one of Wales’ leading record producers as well as busy live sound engineer. He writes a diverse range of music, cohesive in its timelessness, seamlessly blending classic rock, folk, blues, funk and jazzy genres, whilst somehow keeping its feet firmly on the ground. 
Recording alone in his studio, based in the remote mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales, John has a unique approach to orchestrating the sound of a full band. Layering all the instruments himself, allows him to create more intricate arrangements, and express his creativity and vision through his multi instrumental talents. Inspired by the fabulous dark sky views of the heavens above the rugged landscape, attuned to the magic of existence, John likes to push himself musically with an holistic approach to production, that translates into incredibly beautiful, boundary transcending music. 
Highly melodic, his solo acoustic live set stands out, with a mature and percussive guitar style and a broad minded approach to the singer songwriter form.  


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